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​​​Cougar Offshore is able to offer structural consultancy services with the indispensable knowledge and direct experience of design, assessment, strengthening & repairs, fabrication and installation. In-valuable lessons learned and the experience gained during offshore support is utilized to bring a project efficient practical solutions. In depth knowledge of structural behavior, practical experience, research and development experience combine to provide a unique contribution to projects​.

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W​​​​​​​​​​​​​​e provide completely independent dedicated support to projects with the objective ​​​​​​of reaching client-oriented solutions while being an integral part of the project team. We bring to the project our knowledge and experience of codes and standards, analytical techniques, structural behavior, fabrication and installation. Our project support services range from overall assurance and/or guidance to specific areas within the project suited to our expertise

Integrity Management 

Our services compliment each of the areas within the life cycle process encompassed in integrity management which involves inspection, damage or defect evaluation, assessment, mitigation and strengthening/repairs. We develop inspection plans with a clearly defined scope and rapid evaluation of inspection findings. The process prioritizes necessary remedial measures and efficient use of resources​.  Our Integrity Management (IM) systems encompass Structural (SIM) and Pipeline (PIM) assests.

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Geographic Information System - GISGIS Stack.jpg

Stand alone or integral to our IM system is a GIS system we have developed that provides visualization of any spatial data. When part of the IM process our GIS is utilized to assess risk and visualize risk exposure as well as visualization of assets. The system is tailored to client needs and/or risk model and is a cost effective solution.  The GIS can be utilized for anomaly tracking and assess asset acquisition and divestiture​.

When integrated with our SIM system our GIS offers additional features such as hurricane tracking and assists with post hurricane mandatory inspection planning to bring assets on-line faster. 



Extensive experience assessing fixed platforms to API recommended practice including the latest API intermittent guidance and compliance with GOEMRE (MMS) NTLs. Non-linear ultimate strength analyses are carried out using industry recognized USFOS analytical software. Assessments are carried out to demonstrate the robustness and damage tolerance of structures and particularly in relation to recent hurricanes such as Ike, Gustav, Rita, Katrina and Ivan which have initiated changes/amendments to API guidance. The objective of each assessment is to quantify the risks associated with extreme hurricane events and provide recommendations on mitigation if required as part of the SIM process​

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Our analytical expertise covers system and component structures. We readily undertake non-linear geometric and non-linear material analyses covering finite element analysis, dynamic response, time history and impact loading. Structural analysis expertise includes ultimate strength/push over, strength, fatigue, seismic, ship impact, thermal, pressure and blast. FEA expertise includes in depth knowledge of modeling, appropriate use of meshing and solution strategies to achieve rational results​.

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Development of optimized solutions utilizing in-depth knowledge of structural behavior and performance characteristics for different strengthening and repair techniques. Expertise in clamps, grouting and welding for a multitude of reasons including mechanical damage, hurricane damage, life extension, addition of well slots and requirement for remedial action resulting from inspection/assessment. We work closely with contractors for efficient installations. We have extensive experience from conception through fabrication supervision and installation​.

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We provide rapid evaluation based on initial inspection findings followed by detailed evaluation and recommended mitigation if required. Events requiring such dedicated support to the client include hurricane, earthquake, dropped object, fire & blast, and ship impact. We can combine post event non-linear ultimate strength assessments with the extreme event analysis for determination of effects on structural integrity​.

Decommissioning and Reuse

Full project support provided from assurance to development of methodologies for challenging projects. Considerable experience with decommissioning techniques from conventional to specialized with extensive experience with damaged structures. Our services also include the preparation of regulatory submissions including artificial reef applications. We work closely with many of the major contractors and have developed a close working relationship​.

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