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Geographic Information System​

GIS Intro.jpg GIS SIM.jpg

CougarGISTM Benefits:

  • Can be stand alone or integrated with SIM process for visualization of risk exposureGIS Visualization.jpg
  • Central source for visualization of assets and related data
  • Significant cost savings:

  1. Cost effective GIS solution
  2. Simple to maintain avoiding dedicated specialized IT support
  3. Rapid post hurricane inspections to bring assets on-line faster
  4. Data kept up to date efficiently

  • Risk reduction within SIM:

  1. Identify risk spread across region and adjust SIM strategy to suit
  2. Anomaly tracking to ensure timely repairs if required
  3. Input to mitigation strategy and monitoring
  4. Decommissioning optimization
  5. Acquisition and divestiture

  • New client up and running in a short time frame compared to other overly complex GIS systems.​

GIS Basics:​

  • Asset visualization (platforms, pipelines etc)GIS Risk.jpg
  • Visualization by risk category
  • Hub and inventory visualization
  • Soil boring locations
  • Reefing sites and related data
  • Targeted inspection as part of SIM
  • Categorization by data/types
  • Using simple queries generate new date ets for visualization in new layers
  • Queries within GIS to extract data
  • Identify pipeline crossings and bathymetry
  • Plats accurately generated efficiently for regulatory submissions
  • Centralized access to data, documentation, photos etc 
  • Distance measure