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​DecommissioningSM205 As-built 3D.jpg

Cougar Offshore has considerable experience with decommissioning offshore platforms and in particular severely damaged structures. Our personal experience includes the first successful fully engineered topple of a platform structure in the GOM. In addition to two other successful topples each project was carried out diverless using ROV's and diamond wire saws. Estimated pull force for all three topples where within 10% of predicted.

Our in-depth knowledge of structural behavior and ultimate strength assessment for determination of robustness combine to provide decommissioning solutions not possible using linear elastic methods at comparable cost. Our expertise in decommissioning includes:​

  • Full project support provided ranging from assurance to development of methodologies for challenging projects
  • Expertise applied to aging structures, over-load conditions and severely damaged structures
  • Development of damaged structural models using point cloud data 
  • Replication of damage through analysis for further assessment
  • Considerable experience with technologies including diamond wire cutters, shears, ROV's, explosives and jet cutting
  • Material barge sea fastening, grillage and ballasting design
  • Preparation of regulatory submissions including artificial reef applications
  • Offshore expertise and support particularly for non-standard decommissioning projects

Decommissioning methods are designed and optimized to maintain structural integrity particularly for severely damaged structures. Cougar Offshore routinely designs specialized rigging and strengthening to suit unusual cases and minimize offshore time​.

Trunnions.JPG Deck Set Down.JPG

Lift point design and strengthening ​for damaged and over-load conditions​.

Analyses routinely undertaken:

  • Conventional jacket & deck lift
  • Replication of damage
  • Transportation and ballasting
  • Structural robustness
  • Tow while jacket is on hook
  • Toppling

Structural models can be developed from drawings and using point cloud data obtained from multi-beam sonar​

Cut plans are developed using structural models. 3D models can be provided for viewing at any stage of decommissioning. Well and structure stability assessed during cut sequence​​.

GOM Jacket Decomm.JPG 

Jacket Decomm 2.JPG

​As-built reef plats and block plats prepared. Cougar Offshore in-house developed GIS for structures, pipelines, blocks, reef sites, pipelines etc is utilized to efficiently generate scale plat drawings for inclusion in regulatory submissions​.​

Block Plat.jpg